Quadrillian Quandary

The Quadrillian race, named so because of their distinct 4-armed anatomy, is a ritualistic race of people. Having just recently discovered interstellar travel, their species is not often found on planets other than their own Quadrillia.

Quadrillia was once a planet covered in rivers and lakes, but after a catastrophic meteor slammed into their world, most of the surface water had been evaporated. The main source of water now is found in deep, underground rivers. The sudden disappearance of all of this water has left the surface of the planet seeming scarred by deep craters and steep ravines where the lakes and rivers once flowed.

The meteor crash also wiped out many of the plants and animals that roamed the surface, thus the Quadrillian species had to resort to becoming a wandering group of tribes. Many battles were fought between tribes for territories that had water, and our lovable Grontar is a member of a certain tribe that had a particularly large amount of territory and power. So much, in fact, that they had given up the migrations and settled near the Crack of Bezod, a large series of ravines and crags which was the home for the vicious beast Bezod. The men of Grontar's tribe, once reaching the age of adulthood, would fight Bezod. If they returned alive, they became men.

As far as recent events are concerned, the GEF have been trying to acquire Quadrillia for several reasons. Firstly, the GEF feels they can enslave the Quadrillians as grunt soldiers, and secondly, Quadrilla is made almost entirely out of Oridium; an ore that is often used to create the blast shield in intergalactic cruisers. The elder Quadrillians have done well so far at keeping the advance troops at bay, but it is only a matter of time before the GEF sends too many soldiers for the tribes to defeat, seperated as they are.


Blogger lightsabermario said...

This is awesome! Almost as cool as the webcomic itself! I'm a big sci-fi fan and I love it when people like you take the time to make a whole culture for the species that you create. It really helps to flesh out the comic into a whole fictional universe with a whole fictional history. I think it's so neat how the Quadrillians are a tribal people, and this whole history of Quadrillia, and the story of the conflict between Quadrillians and the GEF. I sense a lot of potential there for a side-comic or bonus storyline.

11:48 AM  
Blogger XR-7439-Q ("Robot") said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. Keep a look out for more articles. I plan on doing one about some of the technology of Zap as well as the Bounty Hunter group led by Grivak

9:14 PM  

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