The Rise of the Galactic Earth Federation

The Galactic Earth Federation was created after the Sol Solar System War. The devastating battles that raged throughout the outer worlds of the Sol System had fragmented the Human Race Alliance that had existed prior. Desperate for order and unity, the leaders of Earth sent out treaties to the planets who had disbanded in hopes to regain the human race as a whole. The treaty in its simplest form was the origin of the G.E.F.

The first president of the G.E.F. was a strong man who believed in a voluntary membership to the Federation. His name was Brentano Knox. Brentano was the main reason for the G.E.F. quick spread and massive membership growth. Brentano was also the first human official to publically make diplomatic contact with an alien race and convince them to join the ranks of the federation. The G.E.F. thrived under Knox's rule and his charisma pulled in an amazing 95% approval rating throughout the entire G.E.F.

Knox died mysteriously during his tenth year as president and his vice president Jacob Billings took over shortly afterwards. Billings was very different from Knox and he knew it. Billings most infamous political move was his successful changes to the hierarchy of the G.E.F. Using the emerging psychic concern to his advantage, Billings had dissolved the presidential/congressional makeup of the Federation and transformed it into a dictatorship. The fear he generated in the public for psychics had made this transition seem almost neccesary.

With the power Billings desired, he began to forcefully annex entire systems into the G.E.F. simply to control the inhabitants and force them to pay the unfair taxes he had created. With the number of systems joing the G.E.F. Billings realized his military would need to be focused more. He hired Maximus Verbatim and Feonix Yago to run the military end of the G.E.F. while he handles the politics. With the new Universal Psychic Academy keeping the people focused on Psychic Fear, Billings's true intentions remain hidden, as do the plans of his generals.

There are those who see through the fog of the G.E.F. They are known as the resistance and they fight a never ending battle against the Federation in hopes of stopping the unjust annexing of planets. Only time will tell if they are successful.


Blogger Nitpicker said...

Incidentally, you mean that the GEF 'thrived' under Knox's rule, rather than 'strived'.

3:07 AM  
Blogger XR-7439-Q ("Robot") said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Nitpicker said...

Of course. I notice these things disturbingly frequently, really - it only just now (or, rather, then) occurred to me that I could actually help by pointing them out to someone.
In any event, just glad to help.

2:33 AM  

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