Psyriously Psychic Psytuation

Beings of exceptional and unusual mental abilities, commonly referred to as psychics, are a relatively recent phenomenon in the universe. Many times throughout history there have been those who have claimed psychic ability but most have been shams. Real psychics have emerged much to the surprise (and fear) of the general populace. Just as surprising as their existence was the fact that many of the other species in the universe have displayed psychic abilities as well. (This obviously mostly a surprise to conceited humans)

With the founding of the Universal Psychic Academy, some mysteries of the psychic puzzle have been identified and categorized. One of which is the different types of psychics. It seems the psychics at the academy display mostly the following types of psychic ability: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, mental enhancement and clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance isn't full blown precognition. In fact, no psychics enrolled at the Academy have displayed true precognition. However, many have displayed the other four classes. While the effects displayed from these psychics have varying levels of intensity, most are somewhat weak. The introduction of the Psychic Crowns have intensified the abilities of the students ten fold. The first dean of the Academy, known simply as "The Serpent" (people were only temporarily thrown off by his no doubt sinister name) introduced the crowns by secret request of President Billings.

There are still known psychics of incredible power at large. They are constantly being hunted by order of "The Serpent". Recently however, the search has waned for some unknown reason. Most believe that almost all psychic have been located and the danger has passed... others know the real reason... I'm not telling...


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