Grivak and "The Hunters"

Grivak and his troop of bounty hunters made their last appearance in the main storyline of Zap!. Grivak and the others are known around the universe simply as "The Hunters". Their infamy for only tackling high priced and difficult bounties has made them somewhat of a legend. From left to right are Brynn, Troost, Grivak, and Koltz.

The Hunters are a species known as Holarans (Ho-LAR-ans). Not necessarily known for their aggressiveness, the Holarans are not proud of being the species associated with one of the most efficient group of killers in the galaxy. The Hunters learned their skills from a strange hermit on a far off planet. With his teachings, these Holarans became super fast, super strong, and were masters of strategic assault. They are masters of almost any weapon, and their long life spans, given to them by their Holaran blood, would ensure their continued bounty hunting careers. Their capture record is far greater than any other bounty hunter in the galaxy. To date, only one of their "jobs" has ever escaped their grasps. This one that got away has been rumored to be a psychic, but no evidence can confirm or deny these claims.

As seen in the Zap! online webcomic, the last mission of the Hunters had them up against a strange bloblike creature that could somehow counter their every move. The battle was over quickly with Troost and Koltz both falling to the strange creature. Brynn and Grivak were able to get away for a short time, but eventually Brynn was lost and Grivak soon followed after the crew of the Excelsior boarded the ship. The blob can possess creatures and transfer itself easily between hosts. There will be many criminals out there who will be happy to know that the Hunters are dead, thats for sure.
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